Zipp 3ZERO MOTO Inspired Wheels Launched

Zipp 3ZERO MOTO Inspired Wheels

Zipp’s new 3ZERO MOTO inspired wheels launched. Zipp said the new wheelsets provide riders with the control and durability required for pure speed on enduro courses or trail riding. 3ZERO MOTO carbon is available as a 27.5 or 29.

Moto remains a powerful source of inspiration for good reason, Zipp is based in the racing hotbed of Indianapolis. For more than three decades the components company has used motorsports as an inspiration to develop pioneering carbon cycling innovations.

Zipps single-wall approach, what they call Moto Technology, allows the rims to “pivot” from either side of the spoke bed while traversing rough terrain. The approach to comfort is similar to how Stan’s carbon rims flex.

What happens is, when the wheel encounters obstacles, the rim edges flex instead of bounce.  That means there’s a feel of extra suspension and control. If the rider and bike are in control, that means they’re going faster. While an entirely different wheel, what’s why tubular Zipps in cross have been so popular.

Zipp 3ZERO MOTO Inspired Wheels
Zipp 3ZERO MOTO Inspired Wheels

Zipp 3ZERO MOTO Features

  • Higher impact resistance
  • Reduced chance of pinch flatting
  • More traction in rough corners
  • Smoother ride in rocky terrain
  • Ability to run lower tire pressure
  • Reduced rider fatigue

Learn more about Zipp’s latest on their website. I’ve spent hundreds of hours on Zipps and most recently, 650b 303s. In a first for Zipp, they’re offering the rims alone so you can build them up with the hub of your choice. The rims ship in 8 colors too.

I’d consider for my gravel bike building these with a dynamo hub for not only speed an control, but a powered light.

Zipp 3ZERO MOTO Works

From Zipp’s PR, this is how their new wheelset works

  • Lateral stiffness — In a sharp turn, the rim remains stiff, providing confidence that the wheel is firmly planted.  Zipp’s wide hub flanges provide better spoke-bracing angles which help to increase the lateral stiffness.
  • Torsional windup — When torque is applied to the rear hub when pedaling, you don’t want the spokes to create a spring-like flex sapping your wattage. Having 32 spokes at the right tensions keep the wheel constrained during windup, meaning the energy in your legs is efficiently transferred to your rear wheel.
  • Radial compliance — When you hit a rock, the system is designed to act as a shock absorber. Zipp’s MOTO Technology allows the rim to flex, which absorbs the impact energy and spreads it away from the impact zone for increased durability. In essence, more of the rim carries the load from the impact.
  • “Ankle” compliance — Imagine a runner rounding a sharp turn, the ankle naturally flexing to maintain grip as the runner leans. The rim can locally flex to stay parallel to the ground during cornering, which increases traction much like a human ankle. This ability to twist locally allows it to deflect during single bead impacts without the rider getting bounced off line.
  • Durability and ride quality — 3ZERO MOTO rim strength exceeded our expectations for impact resistance due to MOTO Technology compliance. As for ride quality, the wheel also deflected three times more than top rival box-section carbon wheels. That extra compliance behaves like extra suspension, but it also spreads the impact energy over a larger area. This also benefits the rider in the form of pinch flat prevention.
  • The benefits of all that are simple. More control. Fewer line deviations. Greater durability. Fewer pinch flats. The net gain? Pure speed.

I’d consider a set for my gravel bike and building them with a dynamo hub for not only speed and control, but a powered light.

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