Zen Ride with a Hard Climb

Here’s the dl on a ride in Lesser Seattle. It’s called the Zen Ride because of it’s peaceful route with minimal traffic. This version adds a hard climb. You’ll ride up, over, and along the Duwamish Greenbelt in the most industrial parts of the City. If you’re visiting Seattle enjoy it. You may see a local or two. I rode it at dusk with lights.

concrete plant

Concrete mixers

After Alki and the Harbor, you’ll pass a concrete plant. Occasionally dump trucks will salute you on Detroit Avenue.

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Saluting dump trucks

Up this riser toward the freeways, right, and another climb.


Riser toward the freeways

A fast descent past the galvanization plant.

Galvanization plant

Down past the galvanization plant

Then the hard climb.

Hard climb

Hard climb

Keep to the right in the residential neighborhoods back down towards Fauntleroy and then head back to Alki to finish. At tempo, it’s 1.5 hour ride.

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