Young Riders on Glenwild

This year our sporting hero fell and landed on the industry’s dirty laundry, as seen in the Specialized story this week. It’s like another bit of the industry’s innocence was lost with people still romancing italian guys welding masterpieces in their little shops, versus over-engineering with mass production in Asia.

The business reality of the bike was punctuated by TRP Brake’s recall during a week of legal wrangling over who owned the term Roubaix. Writing about it all week, including two articles in Issue 07, I asked for a feel good story…

and was linked to the Utah High School Cycling League’s 2013 season recap.

That reminded me of riding MTB in Park City this summer and meeting the Young Riders group on the Glenwild trail system. They’re not immersed in the business dealings of the bike business, just the fun.

Park City is into the snow now, but I hope to ride again there in 14. For more on mountain biking, including fat biking in Park City, see these posts and their vacation guide and planner.

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