Working the Tour

While the racers are burying themselves out on the roads of France, their crews are working hard too. Andy from Hed Cycling checked in this morning with a quick report:

This is a very time intensive venture. Much more than I thought. Lots of driving involved – yesterday from Paris to Belgium to get some stuff for the team, and then back down here almost to the Alps. About 1100 KM. Two days ago we finally saw our first racing, at the finish line in Reims. We got there 2 hours before the earliest scheduled finish (the big Tour bible that teams have lists three finish times per day, for regular, slow, and slower ride speed). The closest place we could see from was at 325 to go. We stood for two hours on a protective fence that went around a tree and waited for the finish… And saw the entire publicity caravan. Longest parade I have ever seen. Eventually the race came by, I got some perfect photos of other people getting ready to take photos, and we saw the Columbia train come by with Cav in 3rd wheel. As you know, he got swarmed, but the past two days have had better results for HTC Columbia.
We were invited to eat dinner with the team staff and mechanics last night. About 9:00 the riders came down, and there were several toasts to Renshaw, Cav, et al. SUPER NEAT! The lads were asking the mechanics what cogs they were going to get today for the mountaintop finish. They’ll be on mostly 25s, Cav gets a 27.

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