Woodlawn Park CX Pics


Ring a ding, ding

Mentioned Joey’s Loud as Slayer cowbell yesterday and I’ll use that to set up the rest of the photos from the MFG Cyclocross Season Finale at Woodlawn Park. Still a week or two away from racing again, I decided F it, gonna hang with the Hodala Crew and take photos. In the snow machine blast zone, I shot ‘till the camera got cold and slowed, filled two SD cards, and the last race ended.

territory marked

Got really cold in between the tape and a dog peed

A few of those shots are below with selects lightboxed and in high-rez on our G+ page and Flickr. Also see the Muddy Snow Angel Edit and Suffer Faces.


Cargo bike near the finish

OTB in a Blizzard

OTB in a Blizzard with Lori Montoya Brazel

Lean, young, and fast

Lean, young, fast, Evan Rewnwick

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