Woodlawn Park Course Preview

woodlawn park preview

Previewing the course

Naoko Forderer previews the MFG Cyclocross Woodland Park course earlier this week – she’s looking for any edge on the biggest race of the year here. Woodlawn is the season finale for MFG and a Seattle-area, sentimental favorite. As Zac Daab tells it, tearing up a bit

As we descend into Woodland Park Weekend, I want to personally thank all of you for coming out to our races. In 1999, I began practicing at Woodland Park on my Pinarello cross bike with my friend John Gallagher, and ever since that fall, I was convinced that we could hold a race at Woodland Park, and bring cyclocross to the urban Seattle core.

Not sure yet if I’ll kit up and race there or not, but we’ll have our cameras taking photos of the Suffer Faces and scene. Last year, the awesome was a women that put huge gaps into the men’s field on a mountain bike, in jeans, and Keds.

Huge Gaps!

Huge gap at the finish!

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