Woodinville Bicycle Shop

Stopped by Woodinville bikes for a spot check on the upcoming Spring season. The manager reported sales are good and the S-Works is their hot bike.

Clean Workbench

Woodinville shop 2

Last time we saw a workbench that clean was at REI’s Flagship store. Mine doesn’t come close to that organization.

Matte Finish

Woodinville shop 1

Besides the hotness of that look, we’ve finally got a paint job that won’t flake off if you snot rocket on it, breathe too heavy, or a fig newton falls out of your mouth and onto the top tube. High-end carbon bikes have almost always had what we can best describe as, “crap paint.” I had a Madone once and watched paint flake off of the BB while I was lubing the chain. The old, “stiff as shit,” M2 S-works had a similar finish.

Mission Workshop

While the shop manager showed me his shop, I showed him our bag du jour, a Mission Workshop, roll-top messenger bag. We’ve been riding with MW bags since the Fall of last year.

Woodinville shop 3

For longer trips with heavier gear, I use a backpack. Around town and with the camera, this is my street-shooter, bike blogger bag. Want to snap a quick photo? Unsnap the chest strep, flip the bag around, rip open the roll-top, grab the camera, and boom. Works just like a messenger handing a clerk papers.

The Daily

Also reported as a good seller and personal fave of the manager is the Globe Daily.

Woodinville shop globe

My daily shooter is Sony a9 with a vertical grip and various Sigma lenses attached like the 14mm 1.4 Art. Find more recommendations on our store page. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.