Women Race Cross

There was a time, not so long ago, when wives and girlfriends at Cross races waited in the car or team tent, cold, bitter, and anxious to do something else. Now look at the women in these photos.


Nona Varnado wrote today on the Bird Wheel about how women didn’t get the memo that cycling is a man’s sport.


These women didn’t get that memo either and if they did, they ignored it.


Then worked on their skills over the barriers and hitting the run ups at full effort.

Nona argues that

In cities and towns all over North America (hello Canada!) women are making major waves in cycling – but it doesn’t look the same as what the boys have done. Women are making cycling an everyday, civic and style minded affair to integrate into the everyday as something that’s non-competitive and… fun.

Cycle Chic? Non-competitive and… fun? Sure in jeans, converse, a stylish helmet, and dropping the men in the Cat 4 field.

Showed up in plain clothes and dropped the men around her

When you talk women, cycling, and evangelize #girlbikegangs, include the women who ride to work and race on the weekends.

I’ll argue that those women are doing more for the cause than checking fashion blogs, to see if their shoes match their bike and in the right color of the season.

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