Women Neutralize Men

OMG am I in a dated Virginia Slims ad? “You’ve come a long way baby?”


Photo: Casey B. Gibson

I just saw this on Cyclingnews: “It’s an atypical day when the women’s peloton catches the men’s peloton on a circuit race, something that happened for the first time in the history of the Liberty Classic/TD Bank Philadelphia International Cycling Championships on Sunday.”

Finally! The women raced so fast, they actually caught the men and neutralized the field. I can only imagine the response.

Why did reading this fill me with a sick sense of glee? I guess I was just thinking back to the number of races where the women’s field was neutralized and even though you supposed to “hold your position” – no one did and often my great positioning went out the window.

It also means things are changing out there. Women are racing faster and this is a great thing for women’s cycling. I know it’s a long way to a mixed field in the TDF, but I’ll be patient!

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