Win Ibex Gear, Hed Wheels, Bags, Shoes

You can win bikes and gear at the Mobile Social SXSW. Our partners are bringing their goods with them and giving it all away.

Ibex Outdoor Clothing

From their Ride collection, Ibex is bringing gear like these shorts.


Hed Cycling

Our bros at Hed Cycling are bringing a set of Ardennes C2 to giveaway. I hope they’ve got the new, Flamme Rouge Wheels with them for use on Sunday’s Mellow Ride.



We’ve given away Crumpler bags at all of our Mobile Socials and at SXSW Interactive 09 they’ll have one-off, custom art bags like these. Also visit them at Trade Show booth 127.

win_crumpler.jpg is a new partner and they’re giving away 5, $100.00 gift certificates: one during SXSW and the rest online.


Closed Loop Marketing

The Closed Loop Marketing Crew may not make a bike-related product, but they ride just like we do and help businesses with search-engine marketing. Their CEO, Lance Loveday will tell you how to Kick Ass or Suck during a roundtable discussion on Monday and they’re occupying booth 616/717 at the SXSW Trade Show.


During the BBQ, Closed Loop Marketing will raffle off an Apple TV, a jersey from the Endurance Capital of the World, and possibly some other tech candy. That’s in addition to providing free Search Marketing, Conversion Optimization and Web Analytics assessments in their booth at the trade show. You can also stop by their booth to enter to win a magnum of Silver Oak cab.

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