Willamette Valley & Sitka Annotated Photomap

Geocoded, annotated, photomap

Before we travel again to Bend and elsewhere, I created this geocoded, annotated photo map for your viewing pleasure.

View Willamette Valley + Sitka Photomap in a larger map

For even more maptastic fun, read the posts from Sitka and the Willamette Valley that include the routes we rode.

Sitka, AK

Willamette Valley, OR


In McMinnville, we rode our racing bikes: the Hotspur and Tarmac SL3. I brought my Brompton to Sitka. I was riding in a jersey from Gore Bike Wear and Specialized shorts. Mapped the rides with an iBike Dash+ Power and the new Biologic Reecharge case. Also had a couple canteens with me.


gore jersey

Breezy, breathy jersey for the hot days

Someone at Gore Bike Wear must’ve taken the criticism that their gear doesn’t work that well for cyclists very seriously, cause the Oxygen FZ jersey I rode in was very breezy. On the warmest and hardest day up the Bald Mountain climb, it was very comfortable. The how well does it breathe test came when we turned around after sweating profusely for nearly two hours. I didn’t carry a vest for the ride and was worried I’d get cold (that’s the reason you see pros in the Tour put newspapers in the jerseys) and the sweat wicked away within a few switchbacks. I zipped up, descended, sat up when it leveled out, and was good. Back in the valley, I unzipped to mid chest and was again comfortable.

I’m normally in a Hugga kit, but sometimes like to go incognito. The B/W pattern matched the Specialized BG SL bib shorts. On those, it’s when you wear a pair of shorts that doesn’t have an elastic, stretch pad or wide, soft grippers that you notice it. As I noted in my post about 29rs, equipment has become so much better, it’s time to consider upgrading. Jersey and shorts are included in the upgrade list.

iBike and Biologic


Biologic case shown charging via USB cable

I’ve posted about the iBike and Biologic cases at length and the new Reecharge is an updated version of the iPhone 4 mount. It connects to a dynamo hub and charges via a USB cable to your computer. We haven’t built the wheel up yet, but I used it to keep the iPhone charged on this trip. The Dash also has a battery pack. Expect an iPhone battery to last about 4 hours when using any of the bike apps. Expect another hour with battery cases and when the Reecharge is connected to a dynamo, you’ll get all-day riding, mapping and measuring.



Kleen Kanteen and Camelback Groove

My take away from the Climate Ride earlier this year, besides more great riding, was the impact of bottle water. We don’t blog the environment here or the green movement, just the bike, but I no longer buy bottled water. The exception to that is how remote I am and if the city water is safe. At PressCamp, Camelback gave me their new Groove canteen to test. It has a charcoal filter in the sippy straw. That doesn’t filter any cysts or bacteria, but makes water drawn from an airport faucets and hotels taste good.

I also like the Reflect from Kleen Kanteen and use that at home. Both have a nice hanger for a carabiner that I attach to my Bike Hugger Messenger Bag.

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