Wick is Sick

Pacific Northwest race promoter “Wick” is sick and we don’t mean that in the cool, hip hop, dope way, but mounting hospital bills, devasting sickness way. He’s in hospital now and the community is rallying around him, raising money.

Race the White River Revival @ Greenwater to donate

Wick has been an area race promoter for 20 years. He is the host of the famous “Wednesday Night World Championships” and has served as an integral part of our racing community. Currently our friend is in the ICU unit where he is battling a monumental infection that could keep him there for some time.
Registration is now open on [bikereg](http://www.bikereg. com/events/ register. asp?eventid= 11263) and [details here](http://www.ragnarok racing.com/)

Updated to remove the link to Caring Bridge.

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