Where Are We Now? Us, On Bikes

Bowie’s latest in a decade with a weird two big heads and a little body thing in a Berlin studio reminded me of the time we rode there. And think he’s pondering how hard it is to tell a story in such a connected world. Maybe who has time for art anymore too, when we’re all showing off our coolest self on social networks, not looking at walls in studios.

Our host for our visit to Berlin was Karl Addison from Partybots and @idrawalot. We rode along the Wall, visited a famous shop, drank beer, and ate.

Berlin fixed

Berlin Fixed

It’s a city I’d ride again and spend more time looking at the art. It’s got more bike lanes than most.

Asked my artist friend Robroy Chalmers to parse the video and he said,

A mass of unrelated objects collected in hopes of finding a purpose juxtaposed with the street films questions art and its meaning, all art not just visual but performing as well, meaning in a chaotic world of hectic routine.

Much like walking into Mark V’s messy corner of the shop and out with a clean, well-functioning bike that’ll takes me places, way out of the routine.

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