When I Looked Down in Idaho

Saris on Gravel

Looked down to see a sub-threshold ride, all day

Most of the time when I looked down like Froome, during Rebecca’s Private Idaho, I saw a heart rate on my Joule meter in the 150s and about 200 watts. I was 30 seconds off the pace up the climb after the first surge, then out of sight when the front group hit the dirt road to the summit and down into Copper Basin on Forest Service roads.

Hazy brown moonscape

Hazy brown moonscape

Riding in no man’s land for hours after a terribly-timed flat, I thought I was way off, at the back, but learned today I finished 83rd. Not too bad for riding at a tourist pace and stopping at all the aid stations for food and water and taking photos.


Rode a Crux in the Gravel

I’m writing a full feature for Issue 04 of our magazine about this adventure and the Crux I rode. Here’s the best story I’ll share now about Sun Valley and the ride.

My Lezyne phone wallet bounced out of my jersey somewhere on the course. It was lost for most of the day. I knew it’d get turned in. Didn’t worry and rode the ride, let people know, and it was waiting for me at the finish.

Yeah. It was that kind of ride and Sun Valley is that kind of place.

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