What Exactly Are We Doing on the Web?

By now you know that Bike Hugger is doing something different at this year’s SXSW with Built. Well that’s not all, Byron and I will also host a core conversation around the topic: What exactly are we doing on the web?

On the surface this seems like such an innocuous question with an easy answer. But, dig a little deeper and you you find yourself mired in answers, some of even contradicting each other. And that’s okay. After all, our industry is under constant change and we are still forming our building blocks and principals.

Our core conversation will take a step back and start digging into these answers and seeing where they take us, maybe even sacrificing a golden calf along the way. We’ll take a good look at just what it is we are doing and where we are going.

Last year Byron spoke with Doug Ulman in a core conversation. Those are speakers and attendees in a room just talking with no screens, podiums, our presentation. They look like this.


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