Welds that Speak for Themselves


While assembling and editing Issue 33, I shared a few photos of a Triple Three Fab bike in a preview post here and on our Instagram. It was designed, built, and assembled for NAHBS at DKCB and a featured gallery in the issue, with commentary from Mark V. This weekend Patrick Brady noticed Max’s (the K in DKCB for Kullaway) skill too in his honorable mention post

Maxwell Kullaway, the welder at 333Fab is a former welder for Seven and Merlin. There’s no other way to really say this: it shows. The category of Best TIG Welding is rarely a contest and this year it was close. Kullaway’s work was clean and perfect in a way that many aspire to and few rarely achieve. With guys this good judging comes down to looking at each one of a bike’s welds and examining the end point for the weld. Kullaway’s work on this bike would have been an easy winner in this category were it not for the category’s eventual winner. This stood out noticeably from a truly exceptional group of entrants. These welders are better than the guys working in aerospace.

The welds speak for themselves. Read more about NAHBS on RKP and Issue 33 Crafted is available now on iTunes and the Web.

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