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Three times a week I work out hard with a trainer at a gym. It’s like sex. I don’t mean it feels good. On the contrary, it hurts. And I don’t mean there’s cuddling after. What makes my hard workouts like sex is that they’re followed by a spacey bliss in which there is no atom of desire. When I’m lying on that post-workout stretching table, gazing vaguely at the ceiling, Christina Hendricks could sashay by wearing a G-string made of thousand dollar bills and carrying a plate of spaghetti, and there’s nothing I would want from her.

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I started riding everywhere I traveled – to and from conferences – to stay in shape, clear the head, and I found my best thoughts and ideas came on the bike. I’m convinced us designers, developers, and content makers need to get active and away from the keyboard. Various ideas about “geeks getting fit” have been discussed over the years and I never wanted to get preachy about it or accuse our industry of being fat. Just ride, set up some events, and hope others would join me. Ya know, lead by example sort of thing

Eventually and incidentally, at An Event Apart, we started the Mobile Socials . That’s our venue to ride a bike and connect with colleagues outside of the office and in person. @zeldman writes about what motivates him in his Web Design and Fitness post and I give it a very enthusiastic like-button click.

Right on Zeldman Bro. Let’s ride soon and we’ll get you more gear. While you’re in Boston, we’re in Portland riding with our web colleagues.

Bike Hugger Mobile Social Portlan 2009

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