We Came, We Rode, We Hugged

With a few days of recovery, time to wrap up our MoSo SXSW 09 and let’s start with thanks to our partners, props to our friends at SXSW, and a quick recap below.

Urban Ride

150 cyclists of all kinds biking around Austin.



We counted between 600 and 800 at the BBQ. We blew through 3 kegs and food in a hour (more kegs, more food next year!).


And the Winner is

Patrick won the Madsen and was thrilled. Also see the winner of the Gary Fisher Simple City.


After Party

A quite, mellow After Party at Mellow Johnnys with an urban fashion show. moso_sxsw_afterparty.jpg

As the crowd danced, the shirts came off, and they partied into the night. Very interesting contrast to see a moshpit grinding below Lance’s one-of bike.

Next Year

Thank you Austin and SXSW. See you next year.

MoSo @ An Event Apart

Bike Hugger is joining Eric Meyer, Jeffrey Zeldman and their special guests during an Event Apart Seattle 2009. We’ll meet on Sunday May 3rd for an urban ride and beers.

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