Watching RVV, Flanders


RVV on a Little Screen

Wasn’t that long ago when all the racing we got to watch was on VHS that a dude with a Satellite recorded from Europe. Those tapes got passed around, grabbed out of trunks, and whisked home like contraband. Now it’s with a live stream, Twitter, and blogs.

We’re following along with a Eurosport feed, and the RVV + Flanders hashtag on Twitter, Instagram, and Tumblr. There’s more marketing and excitement than usual, on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of Flanders. Also the post-Lance era mood in the industry. Bummer too that when we tune in, Boonen is down and out.


And to watch it too visit Cyclingfans or Steephill and pick a stream. Pro tip: ignore the install flash ads and click the little X when they pop up. It’ll show up a few seconds later. You wouldn’t see the stream at all, if you didn’t have flash.

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