Wait Wait…Don’t Tell Me, My Bike Was Stolen

We could probably start a don’t steal bikes bro series with the most egregious bike thefts, like David Byrne’s from a few years ago, Lance, or a special Silver Eagle.

This week it’s Peter Sagal’s brand new, black and yellow Felt.

I came out today, my bike shoes clattering, and spent a strange thirty seconds staring at the space where it was, denying to myself that I couldn’t see it. Then I found the cable lock, sliced through, on the ground with my helmet.

The bike was brand new, black and yellow, as you see, with Time road pedals and an underseat bag with tubes and inflater. Anybody see anybody riding it on the streets of Chicago, hit them with a rock, but try not to scratch the paint.

The bike is likely at a pawn shop already and the money smoked through a meth pipe. Peter Sagal is the host of NPR’s Wait Wait … Don’t Tell me. A show and podcast we often listen to in our travels.

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