Versus: F-bomb, El Dope Penis, and more

Vaughters dropping the F-Bomb on Vs. live tour coverage today reminded of some other inappropriate things we’ve seen. Including

  • Various racers peeing off the bike – that’s a given, watch for it (or don’t)
  • El Dope Penis graffiti – In the Lance days, you could always spot a large, dripping phallic/syringe symbol on the mountain stages
  • Punching fans – I can’t remember who, but did see a racer stiff-arm a fan that got too close.

My all-time fav besides the Longhorn dude, is Borat from last year.

Honorable mention is “nervous Sheryl Crow,” while not really shocking, just the camera lingering on her was not something you see in every tour. Also, while I’ve tried, I still haven’t seen any girls flashing the peloton. I’m sure that has to happen at some point.

What’s the craziest thing you’ve seen or heard in the Tour coverage?

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