Vino’s Tarmac SL4

Because of strict IOC rules, # 40, companies can’t advertise, market or officially comment on the bikes athletes are winning on, like Vino in the men’s road race. Here’s his Tarmac SL4, as seen after the race. You won’t see this in an ad campaign.

tarmac 1

With Corima Wheels


SRM, old school


Vino’s helmet and shoes

Also here’s a stock photo of his helmet and new S-Works shoe. I rode the Tarmac last month at Snowbird during a media event and it was like strumming a power chord through a marshall amp. Descends fast too.



The shoes? Moccasins with stiff soles. Fused together with lasers, no seams, and some Xray tech they wouldn’t tell us more about, but it’s mentioned in the design notes.


Design sketch

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