Versus How they Doing Now in HD?

BikePortland finds a reason to post on the Tour and it’s because local Comcast broke away to commercial at the finish of today’s stage. Understandably that enraged Portlanders and that brought us to the question of how well Versus is doing and in HD? This afternoon Levi asked

For all you North American fans, how’s the coverage of the #tdf on Versus, online, etc? Curious.

We think it’s been good so far. The crew has found their stride, that drafting infographic is awesome, and the camera work outstanding (yes, it’s just a feed they get). HD camera work is stunning, like their Roubaix coverage. The HD graphics are also well done.

Their website streaming is just strange. Would recommend they not charge you and just run more ads.

Our biggest criticism is with the commercials, of course. If you have Vs on in the background, it’s one loud, brash, annoying channel. Maybe they do that on purpose, not sure, but when I am watching I mute every commercial break

Earlier this year, Vs asked us to give them some input and we did. So did you.

We don’t know exactly what they heard and didn’t, but have noticed they did not bring out the intern again, are doing more interesting backstories, and being more engaging.

They also have not cut to rodeo.

What do you think? We’ll share this feedback with them again.

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