Venge Updates for Summer Racing

venge 1

Updated for Summer racing

Felt like I was riding on the set of the Price is Right during the Showcase Showdown with all the new products in for review and on the Venge. Like the Joule 2.0 GPS, updated Lazer Magnetos, and the Origin 8 RaceWing number holder. Also a hurtful, new Toupe saddle. Before getting into Cross, I’m riding and racing the Venge in the local Seattle crits and circuits. In a few weeks, more demo bikes are expected from GT and Guru.

the good wheels

Rode with the good wheels

In Washington, we race with numbers on our frames for the cameras at the finish lines and I needed a PRO way to mount the number. The most Pro shop in town is Herriott Sports Performance and I first tried a metal hanger that attaches to the brake mount. That didn’t work because of the EE brakes. The EEs are taller than SRAM, so Todd Herriott handed me this Origin 8. It works with rubber bands, an aluminum holder, and wraps around the seat mast. It retails for $20.00 and the metal versions HSP makes are $15.00.

Origin 8 mount

Origin 8


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