Velodramatic’s iPad App

Lots of cyclists, including us, are already thinking about iPad apps and a handlebar mount. Velodramatic photoshopped a mount and jokes in a post about the Colossus app.


Wind tunnel testing has shown that the low profile iPad has impressive drag numbers despite its size. Deda has fabricated several prototype stems with a revolutionary vacuum mount that channels low pressure behind the headtube via a specially ported fork. Amazingly the vacuum is strong enough to secure the unit on the worst pave Belgium has to offer. Perhaps we’ll see it make it’s first race appearance at Paris Roubaix if it passes the UCI’s technical review.

We don’t know about the viability of the iPad on handlebars and get the joke, but also expect a messenger bag or quick-access pannier for travel and again see the dashboard potential for touring and randonee; especially when connected to the Reecharge system.

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