Vaugthers Tweets His Past

That exchange follows a series of non-admission, admission tweets collected and analyzed by Cyclimas. There’s no other way to read those tweets than Vaughters admitted to doping. Considering the sport is ripping itself apart again over the issues, there’s likely lots of Omertà pressure going on behind the scenes and maybe he felt compelled to speak out. At this point in a storied history, we need more athletes, coaches, managers to admit it and move on.

As a saying goes in this sport, HTFU and admit what you did.

Whether or not you think Lance doped too or care, the case as it’s playing out in the courts is like a bad-cop movie. In the second act, crooked politicians are getting involved. To that point…

Put concisely, the UCI doesn’t want it confirmed in court the long-standing rumor that Lance donated money to them after a positive test.


Met Vaughters in an airport once, cracked a joke about his attire. He liked my shirt

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After a week of tweets and then our exchange posted here, Vaughters writes for the NYT, How to Get Doping Out of Sports.

WHY does an athlete dope? I know why, because I faced that choice.

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