Unicorn Bikes on Every Device!

After launching our mobile sites for phones and tablets late last year, we’re working now on the next version of the desktop. Hugga 3.0 we’re calling it and focusing on what many designers and devs are: a more readable web.

Unicorn bikes on your phone!

For an intellectualized view of mobile content, see Brad Frost’s Content Parity post.

optimize the presentation of content as long as the content remains accessible in some way, shape or form.

and I’ll hang out at the next An Event Apart in Seattle with some live blogging. While at SXSW, talked at length with many colleagues about content and the web before the inevitable rounds of beer and I love you mans!

Unicorn bikes on your tablet!

In our 6th year, what I know is cyclists are mobile, active, and we need to give them what they want (or at least, think they want). Despite the misleading file name, the wireframes are good and we’ll build the new site out on EE. The updates are incremental: remove sidebars, larger content well, more photos.


So with that “behind-the-scenes” intro, I also want to mention that we’re available now on

and have been publishing to

  • Facebook – just fart in there and get like 35 likes.
  • G+ – more offbeat bike posts and select content
  • Twitter – stream of hugga
  • Flickr – stream of hugga in photos.

When I wrote a book about blogging a few years ago, never imagined so many ad-hoc, topic-focus networks like Instagram or even Twitter, but we go where the crowds are and bring our bike-huggin’ voice. The web is like cable these days with 500 channels of crap. We’ve got one main channel that’s hopefully not crappy and other smaller, satellite channels where random photos and links are posted.

We won’t produce an iOS app instead focusing on HTML5 and are already pushing a feed to Google’s Currents and Kindle. The biggest focus on the next rev is speed. Just like an enthusiast wanting to get thinner, lighter, and faster, we’ll get the desktop into race shape for the big Fondo.

Like you, my time is compressed and I read offline with Instapaper or Safari’s Reader. Also Flipboard and whatever other flava-of-the-month iPad reader app that parses our feed.

After attending the Windows Store launch, we’ve got a Windows app on the burner too. Cause hey! Windows users ride bikes too…

Finally, thanks for reading us and being part of what we do. It’s a lot of work and very much like putting in the miles on the bike. It’s rewarding at the end of the day and we appreciate the time you spend with us.

Now, back to posting more unicorn bikes onto Pinterest. Like this!

Unicorn Bicycle

Queercatkitten made her bicycle turn into a magical unicorn

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