Tweed Run Suit

At some point, we expected cyclists wouldn’t have to dig through their closest or shop the vintage store to acquire the proper kit for a Tweed Ride.

Cottage industries supplying a niche of a niche? Sure and more, according to an article published today by Bike Biz.

The Tweed Run – a ride in London with cyclists on vintage machines – has helped to spark interest in the traditional Scottish woollen fabric.

We rode tweed in Vancouver during the Winter Olympics, in techical wool from Ibex, cause that’s how we roll, but you can look like Gary Fisher if you want. Shop at Dashing Tweeds and we suggest you bespoke it blingy or steampunk.

Note: Gary will drink keg beer with you too, just invite him to the party, and prepare to hear all about 29ers.

Uploaded by carltonreid | more from the Bike Hugger Photostream.

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