Tweed Run London 2010

Bikehugger attended the Tweedrun London 2010 event last Saturday as AM was a head marshal.

Much fun and frolics were had as you can see in this jolly fine video from Swamibu.

400 Cyclists were quite a sight as we were going through central London. It was the first event of this kind in London with no Police escort and no planned road closures – it’s felt this went very well indeed with no major incidents occuring.

Worries over an increase in numbers were unfounded, many photographers were waiting at the Tea stop as the sheer number of pictures on Flickr shows.

An excellent day rounded off with very fine G&T’s from Hendricks Gin one of the very fine sponsors. (Brooks England Pashley Bicycles, Hendrick’s Gin, Rapha being the main sponsors of the event)

tweedrun-AM AM is wearing his Father’s Harris Tweed Dunn & Co jacket, a TweedRun ‘Dashing Tweeds’ Cap, ShuttVR Jersey, Swrve WWR 3/4’s with ShuttVR Pro Bib Shorts underneath, White gloves (Giro, 3DO armour) for clear indication to the other riders. Shoes: Sidi Dominators with Speedplay Frog cleats. The bike is a Moulton.

Image courtesy of Mark from the ibikelondon blog who has a great writeup of his own here with his own great video.

Particular thanks should go to Teddy and Jacqui who worked tirelessly for weeks in putting this event together. You have no idea how many meetings and bits of paperwork they had to fill in. Really.

Here’s looking forward to 2011 in London – but before that – the Tweed Run is heading to Toronto & New York in the Fall

Pip pip!

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