TurboSpoke Awesome

We get all kinds of pitches in email and also see some crazy bike-related products on gadget blogs. Last week I saw the TurboSpoke and made a note to return to the site because I did have spoke cards on my bike. My Sears bike.

Turbospoke forest iso

Where I see this working is on a cargo bike that’s already ludicrous looking and, of course, Single Speed Cross Worlds. On Bettie, I’ve got a basket in front, a motor in the middle, and hey an exhaust system!

Frank rheurdt 1

At Cross races, they’ll hear you coming and you could ask a mechanic to work on it in the pits. A conversation piece on a social ride? Sure and I’d get the card that sounds like a lowered japanese sedan with a buuuuuuwhaaapaaa! exhaust sound. A must is to pare the Turbospoke with POWERwheels.

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