Tuesday Worlds PDX

Tuesday Worlds PDX

That thick red oval on the map is 24 laps at the Tuesday Worlds PDX. It was fast and furious at times with 35 MPH efforts across the finish line stretch and about 100 racers. On the back side, we pushed 27/28 and 25 on the friendly laps. Teams attacked until a group got away on lap 14 and I found myself at the front during a particularly spicy lap. After closing a few gaps, I pulled off for the next line to take over and sat in for the finish. As I wrote earlier about grinding in the gravel, we’re here to return to base before Masters Nationals and then Cross season. During another single-file-near-the-front, dig-deep section, I found myself asking Scotty for more power from the engine and my legs said, “I’m giving her all she’s got, Captain!”


Today we’re climbing with a post to follow.

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24 laps on PIR is about 45 miles. The to and fro makes it a 65 mile ride.

Magic Gay Portland

Tweeted this morning Retweet

Riding through construction zones, commuters challenging us, and then a driver called us fags. Portland!

We waved back and got an stiff arm, middle- finger response, out the window of an Oldsmobile Calais.

                 /"                 |./|                 |   |                 |   |                 |>~<|                 |   |              /'|   |/'..          /~|   |   |   |          |   =[@]=   |   |           |   |   |   |   |            | ~   ~   ~   ~ |`   )         |                   /                           /                          /                _____    /             |--//''`--|             | (( +==)) |             |--_|_//--| 

A Classic Calais

The driver did that so automatically and with such precision, I think that’s what he does on a Tuesday night in Portland. He patrols his neighborhood and calls bike racers fags. @ptklein replied

That’s where we all come from? #magicgayportlandia

Magic Gay Portland!

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