Tsunami Debris, ATVS, Tree Goat at Kualoa Ranch

MTB road

Wanted to MTB this dirt road

Spent the last day of vacation being tourists at Kualoa Ranch, where we met the Descendant after a boat ride to Secret Island and a jeep tour into a jungle. Then ATV rides past movie sets for Jurassic Park, Godzilla, Mighty Joe Young, and the TV Show Lost. Like Clooney’s movie, the ranch has been in the family for generations and will continue to not become a resort or strip mall.

Tsunami Debris on Secret Island

Tsunami Debris at Secret Island

Meeting John Morgan was an honor and the ranch is fun and recommend, but stepping over the pieces of people’s lives on the beach is what we’ll remember the most. We had a heightened sense of history between Americans and the Japanese because across the bay is where the zeros hit first before bombing Pearl Harbor, 71 years ago this weekend.

Tree Goat

And then there was this goat in a tree. Yup, this goat got tired of the horses, pig, turtle and cows getting all the attention at the petting zoo. So he does this to get noticed. Tree Goat we nicknamed him and he don’t give a…

Of course I asked if there was mountain biking in the ranch and there is occasionally. Most of the traveling I do is for and with the bike and not often we do anything touristy, but recommend you visit the ranch. You’ll likely find tsunami debris for years to come too and maybe John will say aloha.

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