Trek’s CarBack Bike Radar

Trek's CarBack Bike Radar

Trek’s CarBack Bike Radar was introduced last week, setting a new standard in road safety technology. Designed to enhance roadway safety for all, CarBack boasts a radar system capable of detecting rear-approaching vehicles from up to 240 meters. Its daytime-visible light, visible to drivers up to 2 kilometers away, further ensures cyclists’ visibility.

Trek's CarBack Bike Radar
Trek’s CarBack Bike Radar

I’ll use it while mountain biking when I get that tingly sense a cougar is watching me, or black bear.

The Carback is compatible with most major GPS computers, smartwatches, and smartphones. CarBack integrates with the tech cyclists already possess. Moreover, riders can unlock additional features by pairing CarBack with their phones.

These include real-time tracking of approaching vehicles, providing cyclists with enhanced awareness of their surroundings.

Trek’s CarBack Bike Radar Features

Enhances rider awareness of drivers

With its focused radar, CarBack detects rear-approaching vehicles up to 240 meters away.

Improves driver visibility of riders

Featuring a daytime-visible light visible from distances of up to 2 kilometers.

Compatible with smartphones and GPS devices

CarBack seamlessly pairs with most major GPS cycling computers, GPS smartwatches, and smartphones.

Offers customizable alerts

When paired with a smartphone and the Trek Accessory App, CarBack provides audible or visual alerts. Additionally, cyclists can monitor the real-time location of approaching vehicles.

Designed for versatility and durability

CarBack’s compact, waterproof design makes it suitable for various bike sizes and weather conditions, safeguarding your tech during wet weather rides.

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