Trek Project One Paint

Trek Project One Paint

Trek Project One paint schemes for the Tour are available now. Trek is really good at paint. These various schemes are lovely. My fave is real smoke.

I’m sharing the schemes today for a little bit of eye candy going into the weekend. These colorways are available for your whip through Project One ICON. Each is handcrafted using individualized paint processes, creating organic designs and patterns that cannot be replicated.

No two Project One ICON frames are the same. Each is unique. As can be seen by this list below.

Trek Project One Paint Choices

Chroma Ultra-Iridescent (limited edition)—Chroma Ultra-iridescent comes from years of trial, error, and combined artistic brainpower from Project One’s most sought-after master painters. It takes a certain level of skill and know-how to create a paint so radiant.

Chroma Diamond Flake (limited edition)—Millions upon millions of microscopic chrome flakes create a stunning scheme worthy of every display. No two diamonds are the same and with this limited-edition colorway, riders will have a dream bike that shines differently in every light.

Real Smoke (Cerulean Mist, Red Smolder, and White Ash)— Real Smoke is a hazy, hand-crafted paint scheme that uses fire as the main ingredient. Each frame catches smoke within its base paint layers for a design that never cools.

Crystalline (Blue Prismatic and Viper Frost)—Organically created by fusing together thousands of tiny crystals into lattices that sparkle in any light. Just like the natural phenomena they replicate, Crystalline bikes are like snowflakes — each one as unique as the next.

Team Tie Dye—This unique paint scheme in pro team colors complements the six additional Tie Dye options currently available through Project One that launched earlier this year.

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