Travis Baker is the Master of Fixed

I love this story. It’s a good one for the holidays. It’s about Baker and he’s the master of fixed-gear bike riding in Sedalia MO.

“I’ve gotten really used to it,” he said of crashing his bike. “I can tell when something is going wrong and I can jump off of it and land on my feet most of the time.”

He’s breaking 3 frames a year and Leader Bike is sponsoring his frames and videos.

Most of his tricks involve “riding fakie,” or going backward. He also does a lot of handlebar spins.

It reads almost like an Onion parody of Fixie Kids. Travis near crashes and lands on his feet in this video after the car smokes some tires.

In 1899, Neidert was doing tricks too. Edison rolled film while he did his best. Also see Danny MacAskill tricks, trails style.

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