Traveling Light

Generally when we head out to a show like Interbike, we pack massive amounts of camera gear. I usually have a D3s and D700, two SB900’s, five or six lenses and some other accessories. That’s been my kit for the last few years.

Today though I got my hands on our own Fuji X100, a camera that’s generated quite a buzz among pro and enthusiastic photographers.

Why, I thought to myself, am I going to bring fifty pounds of camera gear simply to shoot a ‘cross race and our Mobile Social/ Typically I end up with gear hanging off of me all day long so that I can do two hours of shooting.

Like a fixed gear in a road race, we’re going a bit low-tech. The X100 is going to be my main axe during the show, and I’m hoping it will push my creativity.

Fixed lens, wide open aperture, this is what I need to get over the “we’re headed back to Vegas” blahs.

Photos to come on Flickr and Google+ of our experiment. And for now, enjoy the gratuitous shot of my son Henry, one of the first image I took with the X100.

Uploaded by davidjschloss | more from the Bike Hugger Photostream.

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