Trapping Self Driving Cars

Trapping self-driving cars to take them off the road! Now if we could jam Waze too…..

Cyclists gotta take care of their own, right? Especially with driverless cars. The premise of how to trick a robot’s AI in a car is the subject of an art project by James Bridle and reported about by Vice. To me, this is where life can imitate art.

Like, I want techromantic graphics on a kit that wards off self-driving cars and no I don’t trust a VC-funded company to operate for the good and protect cyclists or pedestrians.

About the jamming Waze idea, there isn’t tech to jam just an app, but municipalities could geo-restrict the side roads we ride on as a quality of life and safety issue. I’m guessing the quiet roads where you ride aren’t so quiet anymore filled with spillover traffic or Prime delivery drivers.

From the Vice article

If driverless cars become anywhere as ubiquitous as the horseless carriage, innocuous vandalism like the Autonomous Trap is just the beginning the problems engineers will have to solve.

So will cyclists interested in safety and while Bridle is being sardonic about our future, dystopian lives, the Vice interview is a good, serious read.

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