Transition to Cross 13


D-Plus at the harbor

That time of year (finally) for the transition from road to cross. The workouts begin at a harbor park where big ships come and go, like the SeaTac Marine barge.

big ship

Big ships come and go

It’s a technical effort there with multiple sets of stairs, gravel pits, and a grassy knoll to run up.

gravel pit

Report to the Pit, the Gravel Pit

Grassy Knoll

Grassy knoll

I’m nursing an injured leg that is sore and throbbing while I ride, so not going that hard.

sore and throbbing

Sore and throbbing


See more photos from this post in high-rez, lightboxed on G+ and Flickr. Also photo mapped.

D-Plus photos are here and tagged. Posted on the Redline last week.

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