Track Stand

You maybe have seen cyclists standing on their pedals at intersections and wondered what they’re doing? Besides showing off and not wanting to clip out of their pedals, it’s called a Track Stand and comes from the sport of track racing. See the video below, starting at 3:38.

It’s done in a race to psyche opponents out, like gunslingers waiting for the other to flinch, and at a championship level.

Like any pro or messenger, they make it look easy and it’s not. I’ve seen Mark V Track Stand any bike, including folding and cargo.

Dahon Bike Path Tour: Track Stand

Mark wows the Taiwanese with his mad skillz

Some industry bros do it dressed like a farmer and it’s a prop in a drinking game. You’re supposed to chug beer until the stand stops.

MoSo Seattle: Trackstand Overalls

Chug while Farmer Wes stands until he stops

Check that video out again again, see how they go from a near complete stop to 40 mph in the sprint. You’ll see another cyclist Track Stand at a light, but doubt he’ll hit 40 MPH to the next one.

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