Tour de France Live Chat Schedule


We’re super-thrilled with the response to our Tour de France Live Chat. We knew the Hugger readers were great people, now we’ve gotten to spend some time talking with them and it’s even more clear that there’s a cool Hugger vibe out there.

We’ll be Live Chatting tomorrow’s Stage 4, the Team Time Trial event and then after that we’re going to publish a schedule of which stages we’ll be Live Chatting. Some of the days of the Tour are really fillers between the decisive stages, so we’ll skip some of them, but we’ll get a list of upcoming events so you can be sure to participate with us.

On a personal note- sorry about the miscommunication on Stage 3. I’d really planned to be up to Live Chat it with you all, but had a bit of a family crisis yesterday and couldn’t make it. Will see you all on Stage 4!

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