Tour de France 2009 Phil and Paul Bingo Game


It’s a common pastime amongst cycling fans to watch Phil Liggett and Paul Sherwin create (and repeat) some of the most creative play-by-play vocabulary in sports history. So enjoyable is the past time that I’ve seen people play drinking games around their sayings.

Where else can a yellow-jersey wearer be referred to as “Little Tommy Voekler” or can you hear about someone digging into their “suitcase of courage.” Years ago I found a site with an adaptation of the drinking game into a bingo board, and for this tour I thought we’d update it.

We’re proud to present the Tour de France 2009 BikeHugger Bingo game. Download the PDF and play along at home. Pick a board, and each day the first person to complete bingo on a board (five across, down or diagonal) and post a picture of it to wins a bit of bike schwag. Each day you have to start over, you can’t continue from the previous day’s board. The person who wins the most Bingo games by the end of the tour wins a new George Hincapie DVD.

We’ll be playing live during our live chat days, like the chat we’re going to do on July 5th for the first full day of the Tour de France 2009.

Grab the PDF file below and play along for chances to win great prizes.


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