Totally NOT PRO at a UCI World Cup Cairns


Well ya know, like any sport, the pros make it look WAY EASIER than it is…Here’s what happened from Reddit

The pro rider, Adam Brayton, crashed further up the track fairly hard and couldn’t finish his run so this bloke volunteered to take his bike back to the pits. Instead of pushing back up the steep, stupidly muddy track he decided to ride it to the bottom (as per usual with this sort of situation at state/national level). Most likely drunk (like most other spectators this far into the day) and encouraged by the crowd, he tried to show off/ride fast and binned the F out of it.

Jumping on the bike, maybe he said, “F! YEAH STRAVA!” before the impending doom of the whoops or just YOLO! From Pinkbike, Adam said,

Yo just hit a tree in my run, spectators were awesome couldn’t thank them enough. The guy who took my bike down was a good man, no idea why he hit the whoops but I don’t blame him they were sick. I think he’s ok though he was in my ambulance on a spine board and was pretty k’od but that’s all I know I’m going to pop down to hospital tomorrow and see how he’s doing

Here’s an update from Steve Peat on the story.

Ok everyone, this is Ben Bunny McGowan, he is the reason I got a 2nd run yesterday and I just chatted with him about his injuries. He has 2 broken vertebrae and a dislocated shoulder, (in his words”all fixable”) he was doing @adbrayton a favour by taking his bike to the bottom, he didn’t steal it!!!! The rumours are now cleared up and I want to say heal fast Ben, no probs about my re run!! I needed it. Cheers.

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