Torker Kick Back

Visited Seattle Bike Supply HQ last week for a look at their 2011 lines, including this new Torker Kickback. This was their most interesting new bike, besides the drop-bar Alfine, and here’s a quick look at it. Steel, Sturmey Archer 2-speed Kickshift. MSRP $399.00.

New Logo, New Bike

torker_kick_back 1.jpg

A new T for transportation.


torker_kick_back 2.jpg

2-speeds with coaster brake. Kickback to hear a click and shift up or down. Kickback harder to brake.

Karate graphics

torker_kick_back 3.jpg

That’ll make a nice bike shop poster

Gear Ratios


Finally a product manager realized that many cyclists live in hilly areas and geared the bike for the flats and to climb. More photos and longer review to follow.

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