Top Tube & Other Stupid Brake Lever Mounts

While on the topic of the dreaded TTMBL, also see these other stupid mounts.

The Reach Around

Also known as the “mothuckin cops,” the Reach Round is used as a scofflaw setup for when the man keeps you down from your right to ride without brakes.

The Reach Around Brake

Stem Mount

This stupid brake mount is on the stem. Note the extra-long lever for leverage. That ensures under hard braking you’ll endo for sure.

Stem Mount Brake

Photo: Fixed Gear Gallery.

Bottom Bracket

Arguably the stupidest or more likely born from genius, is this bottom-bracket disc brake mount.


In honor of BikeSnobNYC, we’ve created a new Stupid Brake Mount photoset.

But Wait There’s More

Back in the early days of mountain biking, when those SoCal stoners we’re building bikes and racing them down dirt hills, they tried U-brakes mounted underneath the chain stays. Sheldown Brown noted:

Although U-brakes were cool looking and powerful, the fad died quite abruptly when people actually started using the bikes that were sold with chainstay-mounted U-brakes. They had several serious drawbacks …

Chainstay U-Brake Mount

Ironically, the stupidest brake mount of all is NONE. Unless you’re on a track or possess the hardasfuck skills of MASH SF. The photo that started this discussion is on Flickr.

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