Tokyo Cycle Mode: Velocouture

Noticed Cycle Mode Tokyo in @gary_fisher’s Twitter stream and much vélocouture was in the booths.


Puffy coat style, uploaded by mumblion

We’ve been posting and predicting that fashion would follow cyclists into the mainstream. As more of us ride urban, we need clothes and gear that work better on and off the bike. What you ride in should work at the office, home, and elsewhere.


Pink sprockets, uploaded by Ryosuke Takeoka

Granted, Japan stylists will take it into steampunky fetish places, but the influence is still there.


Test pattern, uploaded by Gary Fisher


Tailored with iPhone pocket, uploaded by Gary Fisher

Earlier this year, I posted on Performance Couture and TWO n FRO.

With the popularity of Momentum’s fashion show, the gear we’re making, I expect future handbuilt bike shows to focus less on filet brazing old stuff and more on new gear made with technical materials.

More Cycle Mode Tokyo photos have been uploaded by mumblion.

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