TO Ride: Spit and Devil Strips

trolly at your head

Rock of Ages starts June 15th

For this vignette, we waited ‘till the sun starting to set in Toronto then rode to the Spit and back. While negotiating devil strips, traffic, cabs, and with trolleys next to my head, @fuzzz told me about the various neighborhoods and where people ride.


Man-made spit at the edge of the city

Passing other cyclists every fews seconds I observed that TO has more bike culture then most cities. They just don’t wear it on their sleeves.


Fuzzz is a developer and cyclist. He builds content management systems

Back in the city, met this cyclist as we huddled together to let an ambulance pass.

cyclists in TO

Toronto’s scene in a photo

Then at the Black Bull, had a pint next to a bike corral.

Pints, pub food, and a bike corral

Ed. note: Devil strips are what Toronto cyclists call the trolley tracks.

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