Tied and Soldered

As part of my retro-build, I got the screwy idea of tying and soldering my wheels. Sure Jobst Brandt thinks it’s worthless, but it’s retro and cool and it’ll look the part. I found a couple decent articles, but the Urban Velo had pictures so that’s what I followed. I’m a pretty handy guy and do all my own wrenching, but I’d never tried this. The cool part was, I actually got to use a flux brush for it’s intended use (usually I use them to paint tubular glue). After a couple false starts using slightly wrong materials, and with some trial and error on soldering technique, I think it got it to a pretty presentable place. Simichrome after your done makes a big different too in order to really shine up the heat/flux tarnished bits. I’m only waiting on a couple more parts and it’s time to ride.

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