These Tires are Special So Special

These tubular Cross tires are special. +Molly Cameron Special Edition FMBs and the, “best Cross tires I’ve ridden.” Why? Check this G+ thread from earlier today with +Chandler Snyder and +Geoff Williams. I’ll summarize it:

The cotton sidewall is extra supple with latex tubes inside. The tread is soft and pliable so it sticks to the ground and follows it better than other tires because the casing isn’t pushing and pulling the tread around.

I use lots of body english and the tires tracked true to where I pointed the bike. Other tubulars, especially at low pressures, squish around and can get bouncy on tight corners. I notice how well these tires stuck in mud tracks I was following or wanted to get out of and into a better line.

The initial “wow” happened when I arrived on the single track near Hugga HQ. Later, I was intrigued to learn that only 3 people work at FMB and everything is hand sewn.

I’ll post more about the tires after I race them. Also, as I said on Twitter earlier today.

Previously dismissed Mavic’s R-SYS as some weird French wagon wheel thing. Revisiting that opinion after riding them on dirt with FMBs.

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