The Star Witness: George Hincapie


Candid moment with George from a few years ago

At this point, would give Big George a hug and ask Lance when he was going to man up. 3 AM Taipei time and awoke to a disturbance in the force after a long day riding in Taiwan. Heard new email chimes, checked, and followed a link to George’s statement admitting he doped. Then his affidavit.


In his own words

Big George did the right thing today. His statements to USADA are why Lance quit the sport and didn’t fight the charges. George is the star witness with the smoking gun or in this case, a syringe.

And yes it matters because Lance is a liar who can’t own the past, admit it like a man, and help heal the sport that made him wealthy. We also learn from George that Tyler and Landis aren’t crazy, bitter ex-employees. Lance’s PR can’t spin George the same way or paint him with the same crazy brush.

Blogging the sport and industry has given me access to insiders that told me this statement and more like it were coming. That Lance doped, the industry knew it, and either denied or waited for the day it all came out. Expect soul searching on the campuses of Nike, Trek, Oakley and others that participated in the greatest marketing story ever sold. Lance’s heroics are a story more elaborate and contrived than Valentines day or that diamonds are rare and valuable.

The story blew up today because the USADA released their dossier on the USPS Cycling Team investigation. Expect more statements to follow from Levi, et al.

Here in Taichung, at the center of the bicycling universe, I’ve got more riding to do and companies to meet. Yesterday was a National Holiday and this country’s past time is riding on bike paths. We rode with them.

Note: Bike Hugger is in business with Hincapie Sports. They make gear for us that we retail. I’m more committed to continuing that relationship now that the truth is coming out.

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