Dahon Announces Waterproof, Shockproof Bike Mount

The popularity of the iPhone has lead to a flood of cycling-related applications, many of which would perfectly convert the iPhone into a GPS-mapping, route planning powerhouse–if only there were a good way to mount your phone to your bike without exposing it to the elements or worrying about it falling to the pavement and shattering.

Thanks to Dahon, it’s now possible to mount the world’s most functional phone to any bicycle and keep use it without fear of it dropping or getting soaked. The company’s new BioLogic bike mount for iPhone and iPod touch completely encases the phone in a waterproof shell. Unlike most traditional waterproof enclosures the BioLogic has a welded touch-sensitive membrane for a front panel, which allows the phone to be used even when encased. The mount allows the case to be pivoted 360-degrees for use in either portrait or landscape mode.

Combined with their new ReeCharge system (formerly FreeCharge), which pulls power from a bike’s generator hub to charge electronic devices, the new BioLogic mount can even work as part of a charging ecosystem. Ride your bike to work while you record your personal best time and have your phone completely juiced up for the rest of the day.

The case will be available from dealers in January for $59

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